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Yeast Infections-43

Yeast Infections-43

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Yeast infection accurs due to candida albicans that is considered as naturally present in women's vagina. When this yeast is present in excess amount, other organisms affect badly  that are important for vaginal health and as a result infection prevails which causes itchiness. 
Consequences of yeast infection.
Mostly people consider it for women only but the fact is that it can affect men and children also. 
Patient usually do not feel comfortable. 
Patient may have to scratch vagina at public place due to extreme itchiness.
Symptoms of yeast infection 
Itchiness in vagina.
Swelled vagina.
Sometimes liquid of white color also comes out. This liquid is usually odorless.
Can occur once or twice in a life time.
Irritation at vulva ( entrance of vagina ).
Burning sensation.
Vaginal pain.
Yeast infections can reccur after some time.
Pain during urination.
Infection prevails in moisty areas.
Causes of yeast infection.
Due to over production of yeast organisms.
Using antibiotics can play their role.
High estrogen level.
High blood sugars or diabetes.
Impaired immune system.
Use of corticosteroids.
Being overweight.
Use of douches increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection.
Caused by candida albicans.
Sometimes chemotherapy also participates in yeast infection. 
Yeast infections-43 can help patients and can give them relief.
Why yeast infections-43?
Because they are herbal supplements and based on natural herbs.
No side effects.
No chemicals.
How to take them?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
When will they give relief?
These supplements can give relief within two weeks.
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