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Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

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What is lichen planus ?
It is an inflammatory condition in which purplish bumps are noticeable on skin or mucous membranes. Sores are painful in lichen planus and the situation arises due to attack of immune system on skin cells and mucous membranes. Attack of immune system happens mistakenly and in the result skin affects.
Circumstances of lichen planus
Affects beauty.
Itchy sensation.
Can cause embarrassment.
Low self esteem.
Symptoms of lichen planus 
Painful vaginal ulcers.
Hair loss.
Scalp discoloration.
Nail damage.
Loss of nails.
Breakable blisters.
Flat-topped bumps.
Allergic reaction.
Thick patches of rough skin.
Redness and swelling.
Painful sores .
Peeling gums.
Burning sores.
Grooves on the nails.
Causes of lichen planus 
Hepatitis C infection.
Hepatitis B vaccine.
Certain pigments.
Certain metals and chemicals exposure.
Flu vaccine.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 
Heart disease.
High blood pressure.
Infection of the liver.
Certain worms can be a reason.
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief in short time period.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
Natural and pure.
No side effects.
No chemicals.
How to take the supplements?
Daily two supplements can be taken.
When will these supplements provide relief?
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief in short time period.
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