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What is Hydrocele ?
It is a disease in which fluid filled sac surrounds the testicle and in a result swelling occurs in the scrotum. Newborns are more victim of this disease but men and adult can also be affected due to any injury in the scrotum. Usually it is not harmful and may not cause pain. 
Symptoms of hydrocele 
Painless swelling on one or both testicles.
Heaviness of swollen scrotum.
Swollen area can be small in morning and large in afternoon and later timings.
Hydrocele can be disappears on its own.
Scrotal pain.
Blocked blood flow in twisted testicle.
Primary hydroceles
Soft and non-tender swelling.
Large in size.
Contains large amount of fluid.
Cause inconvenience.
Secondary hydroceles
Can be result of cancer, orchitis and cancer.
Can occur in infants undergoing peritoneal dialysis.
Infantile hydroceles
It can be an expression of processus vaginalis. 
Congenital hydroceles
Too small communication to allow herniation of intra-abdominal contents.
Causes of hydrocele
Torsion of testis.
Testicular tumor.
Filarial hydrocele.
Hydrocele of an hernial sac.
Post herniorrhaphy.
Chronic epididymo-orchitis.
Can develop before birth.
Injury or inflammation in scrotum.
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