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Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases herbal supplements

Psoriasis Nill-90
 WHAT IS PSORIASIS?   It is a non-contagious auto immune skin disease which can affect the joints and the skin also. These are itchy patches and often called psoriatic plaques. Some people relate it with eczema but it is different from eczema. These patches makes the skin inflammed and amount of skin production becomes excessive on the affected area.    Symptoms of psoriasis    Red areas. Flaky skin. Dry and inflammed skin. Skin on affected area can turn into silver or white color.  Patient may feel a slight pain. Irritation. Patches mostly appear around elbows and knees but scalp and other genital areas can also affect. Condition of psoriasis can vary from patient to patient   Plaque Pso..
Rosacea Gone-54
WHAT IS ROSACEA A chronic condition of skin in which redness and swelling appears on skin. Appearance of superficial blood vessels and pustules are also include in rosacea. Eyes and skin both can affect due to this disease.   Skin diseases mostly affect the patient’s beauty that’s why they have direct relation with mental condition and confidence level. Sometimes small blisters can also noticeable on forehead and chin that also disturbs the beauty.   Consequences of rosacea  Self esteem of patients can affect. Reduced confidence level. Patient may not like to go front of mirror. Patient may spend a lot of money at salon to hide redness and blisters. Disturbed social life.   Symptoms of rosacea People ..
Scars Gone-25
WHAT ARE SCARS ? When deeper layer of our skin which is known as dermis get damage, as a result new collagen fibers start forming that help in mending the damage, which can leave a mark on damaged part of skin which is called scar. As compare to surrounding area, scar tissues contain different quality and texture.    Consequences of scars  Scars often make people able to remember the damage.  People usually want to forget the cause of damage but scars won’t allow them to do so. Bad affects on beauty. Can lead people toward depression. Sometimes people have to answer the questions that can be asked from other people about the reason of scar which can be annoying.   Symptoms of rosacea  They usually appear after hea..
Shingles Nill-26
What is Shingles ? A viral infection that can occur anywhere on body and often causes painful rash is known as shingles. A virus that causes chicken pox is the same virus that causes shingles. They are often known as herpes zoster. In shingles, stripe of blisters occur around left or right torso.    Consequences of shingles Affects beauty. Cause embarrassment. Shingles can affect the mood of patient because they are itchy.   Symptoms of shingles  Red patches. Breakable blisters. Fluid filled blisters. Itching. Rashes occur mostly on face and ears. Chills. Headache. Muscle weakness. Fever. Fatigue. Common in older adults. Numbing and burning pain. Sensitivity to light is common symptom..
Skin Tags Gone-65
What Are Skin Tags ? It is considered that skin tags occur due to rubbing skin against skin.They are small tags of about half inch. Areas where creases formed by skin usually affects more and they are mostly painless. Acrochorda,cutaneous and fibroepithelial polyp are other names of skin tags. Tags are usually noticeable on face, neck, groin area, eyelids and armpit.    Consequences of skin tags Bad affects on beauty. Sometimes causes irritation. Sometimes their irregular surface can disturb.   Symptoms of skin tags These tags are usually symptom less. Contains size of half inch. Their surface can be irregular or smooth. Growth on skin in shape of small lesions. Painless. People can susceptible to them due to heredit..
Varicose Veins Nill-99
WHAT ARE VARICOSE VEINS ? Our body consists of different veins that perform their different tasks. Blood passes through veins and circulation of blood controlled by different valves that set the directions. Veins in legs have to force the blood toward heart but when valves fail to do so, blood flows back down the leg. Vlaves failure condition is known as valvular incompetence. When flow of blood occurs down the legs, this process is called reflux. Due to reflux, veins become enlarged and known as vericose, vericose veins are hard to get back their original shape.    Consequences of varicose veins  It affects the beauty of legs. Can be painful. When patients have to stand for a long time, swelling can occur on legs. Venus eczema, ulceration and ..
Warts Nill-98
What Are Warts ? Warts are pop up on skin in shape of small growth. When human papilluma virus (HPV) prevails in the skin, skin starts to grow from inside but can take months to appear ouside the skin. warts have rough and rigid surface that can give awful feeling. They can or cannot be painful.   Consequences of warts Can be embarrassing. If they appear on face, they can affect the beauty. Cutting the warts can be a cause of infection.    Symptoms of warts  Rigid and rough surface. Their appearance can occur on any part of the body. Hands, face, neck and feet usually affects more. Flesh colored. Can occur individually or in form of clusters. Can be itchy. Can occur at any age. Any gender can be a vi..
Wrinkles Gone-50
What Are Wrinkles Wrinkles are lines on face that disturbs the look of face, Usually these lines contain the area around eyes and lips. Other name of wrinkles is rhytide and they are crease in skin. In many regions, people know wrinkles as sign of aged people. It is true that many aged men and women have wrinkles on their face but many aged faces are free from wrinkles that is due to taking care of beauty, people who do not take much care of their beauty due to busy routine usually gets wrikles earlier. People of age 30 and above are getting wrinkles, so it is not hundred percent true that they are signs of aged people.   Consequences of wrinkles People usually don't like them and wants to get rid from them as soon as possible because they are not considered as..
Yeast Infections-43
WHAT IS YEAST INFECTION ?   Yeast infection accurs due to candida albicans that is considered as naturally present in women's vagina. When this yeast is present in excess amount, other organisms affect badly  that are important for vaginal health and as a result infection prevails which causes itchiness.    Consequences of yeast infection. Mostly people consider it for women only but the fact is that it can affect men and children also.  Patient usually do not feel comfortable.  Patient may have to scratch vagina at public place due to extreme itchiness.   Symptoms of yeast infection  Redness. Itchiness in vagina. Swelled vagina. Sometimes liquid of white color also comes out. This liquid is usua..
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