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Athlete's Foot-7

Athlete's Foot-7

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A skin disease in which foot becomes itchy and painfull, often known as fungal infection but medically it is called athlete's foot.
Tinea pedum, moccasin foot and ring worm of the foot are medical names of athlete's foot.
Epidermophyton floccosum is a fungi which causes athlete's foot. 
Patient feel pain while walking or exerting pressure on feet.
Keeping feet wet causes pain.
Fungus can spread.
Symptoms Of Athlete,s Foot
Fungus will appear between the fingers, palms and heels.
Red skin.
Itchy skin.
Burning skin.
Stinging pain.
Blisters may appear.
Scaling and flaking.
Agonizing irritation.
In vesiculobullous athlete's foot, vesicles and bullae are present and they can filled with fluid.
Most often affects the toes.
Interdigital athlete's foot can be symptomless.
This infection can cause an odor.
Fungus on nails can make them discoloured.
Spread in warm and moist areas.
Causes Of Athlete,s Foot
It can spread though physical direct contact.
Sharing shoes and pool surfaces helps in spreading the infection.
If feet produces excessive sweat, it can be a reason.
Wet feet for a long time.
If people wear closed shoes with plastic lines, the chances increases in such case.
Main reason is dermatophytes fungi which participates in destruction of keratin. 
T. mentagrophytes is another major reason.
People who have previous record of athlete's foot have more chances to get affected again. 
Athlete's foot-7 is a product that contains natural extracts which can provide relief to patients. 
Why it is recommended ?
Natural extracts work smoothly on athlete's foot and provide relief with no side effects.
Prevent from further appearance of fungus.
How to take them ?
Daily two tablets are recommended.
When they can give relief ?
within one week, patient can get relief.
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