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Reddish pus filled pimples on skin which can cause pain is known as acne. When oil producing sebaceous glands produce exessive oil,
skin becomes oily and a blockage occur inside the skin due to which acne appears on skin.
Symptoms Of Acne
Face, shoulders, neck, chest and back are usually affected due to acne.
May stay for a long time. 
May seem as an infection.
They can leave scars on skin.
These lesions can be large and deep.
They can be white headed or black headed.
Around 80% of population affected due to acne vulgaris. 
People get depressed due to bumps on their face.
Females want to hide lesions because they think that acne give them ugly look.
In some casaes people lose their confidence.
Some people press the lesions, but it is not a good option because pressing them invites bacteria.
Causes Of  Acne
Some people consider harmonal changes as the reason of acne.
Exessive sebaceous glands.
Dead skin cells.
Rise in adrogen levels.
It can occur due to genes also.
Bacteria can make the acne situation worst.
Exessive intake of dairy products.
High GI-diet.
Acnill supplements can give relief to patients because they are natural and does not contain any chemical.
When they can give relief to patients ?
Time varies according to the condition of patient, If acne is not worse then supplements will provide relief in one month only and if condition of skin is worse then  acnill herbal supplements will take 2 months. 
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