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Headaches Nill-20

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 What is Headache ?
Pain in any part of head is known as headache, its other name is cephalalgia and it can also occur in neck. 
Brain tissues lacks pain receptors that's why they are not very sensitive to pain. Head and neck have nine areas that contain pain sensitive structures, their names are cranium, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, mucous membranes, ears, eyes, and subcuteaneous tissues.
Symptoms of Headache
Patient can feel pain in any part of head.
Pain can pass to neck and shoulders also.
Some patients complain that their eyes also give tired and painful
feeling when headache starts.Due to severe pain, patient may feel difficulty while sleeping. 
It is a non-specific symptom.
Due to headache, patient may feel physically discomfort. 
Consequences Of Headache
Due to headache, patient cannot concentrate well on work or other matters.
Such pain leads to absent mind feelings.
Pain killers can give relief, but such pain can occur again
Causes Of Headache
Primary headache.
It is the common type of headcahe. 
Primary headache usually starts between the age of 20 and 40.
Migraine is more common type of primary headache.
If patient bears severe pain for 15 to 180 minutes around one eye with red eye, tearing and nasal congestion symptoms, it is known as Cluster headaches. It usually repeat everyday at same time.
Shooting face pain is called trigeminal neuralgia. 
Continuous unilateral pain is known as hemicrania continua. 
After coughing, patient may feel sudden pain that lasts for several minutes is Primary cough headache. 
Secondary headaches
When bleeding inside the brain occur, it is often known as Intracranial hemorrhage. 
Brain tumor occur with dull headache, nausea and vomiting.
Sometimes headache starts with blurred vision or eye pain. It is known as Acute closed angle glaucoma. In this situation, patient may feel red eye and dilated pupil. 
Viral infection.
Head injury.
Brain bleed.
Vascular disorders.
Poor sleeping habit.
Stress or tension.
Prolonged working hours.
If patient try headaches Nill-20 herbal supplements, he or she can get relief from all kind of headaches.
Why headache Nill-20 ?
Because they are multi task supplements tablets.
Contain no chemicals.
Provide relief with no side effects.
How to take them ?
Daily two tablets can be taken
When they will give relief ?
It depends on the condition of patients, Usually these supplements give relief within one month. 
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