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Fissures Nill-45

Fissures Nill-45

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What is an fissure ? 
Fissures can be termed as cuts or tears that appear on mouth due to dryness and cold wind in cold weather but there is an anal fissure also present which is also a cut near anal due to extreme dryness or constipation.
Consequences of fissures 
Can be painful.
Appearance of fissures near mouth affect beauty.
Can cause embarrassment.
May take time to heal.
Symptoms of fissures
Cut or tear near mouth.
Tear in the anal canal.
Visible crack in skin.
Severe pain during bowel movements.
After bowel movement, pain may last for several hours.
Itching around anus.
Bright red color on the stool.
Small lump near anal fissure.
Causes of fissures 
Passing hard stool.
Straining during bowel movement.
Chronic diarrhea.
Cold weather.
Dry air.
Inflammation of the anorectal area.
Child birth.
Anal cancer.
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