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Cracked Heels-17

Cracked Heels-17

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Cracked heels is cosmetic problem or can be a nuisance and often known as heel fissures. Hard, flaky and dry skin of bottom heels and of outer edge leads to cracked heels. They can be on surface only but sometimes cracks goes very deep and causes pain. 
Consequences of cracked heels
It can be a cause of embarrassment for victims because cracked heels does not give fine look.
When affected person sits, these cracks become clearly noticeable.
Standing situation can be difficult for affected person because cracks can be painful. 
Mostly people wear shoes to hide his or her heel fissures.
Symptoms of cracked heels
Red patches.
Flaky patches.
Itchy skin.
Abnormal shrinking of dry skin.
Bleeding can occur in serious condition.
Male and female both can affect due to heel fissures
but it is more common in females and they usually
face many difficulties because they are usually more conscious about their beauty. 
Causes of heel fissures
Peeling is a sign of heel fissures but when people ignore these initial signs, then situation get worse and in some cases bleeding can also start. We mostly do not take any action on minor symptoms due to busy life style but showing concern on initial symptoms can prevent from further steps.
Dry and hard skin of heels can be a cause.
Walking bare footed on hard floors. 
Prolonged standing.
Being over weight can be a cause.
Sandals open from back can participate in cracking. 
Bleeding or minor cuts can invite bacterial infections.
Deficiency in omega-3 fatty acid and zinc.
Some medical conditions can also participate. 
Reduced sweating .
Psoriasis and eczema are also considered as reasons.
Dry climate.
Cracked heels-17 are herbal supplements that can give relief from cracking and peeling.
Why cracked heels-17 ?
Because it helps to make the skin of heels soft and smooth.
Give a push to sweat producing glands.
Free from side effects.
Contains natural herbs.
How to take these supplements ?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
When they will give relief ?
Within a week, these supplements make the heels soft and free from cracks. 
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