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Cold Sores-16

Cold Sores-16

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Cold sores are small blisters which are clearly noticeable around the mouth or lips. These blisters often have a liquid and they can be painful. Their healing time can be upto two weeks. Mostly people call them fever blisters
but its other name is "Herpes simplex" because it occurs due to herpex simplex virus. 
Consequences Of Cold Sores
Patients may feel embarrassment due to blisters around the mouth.
Can give pain while opening the mouth.
Symptoms Of Clod Sores
It can be visible to any body including children. 
In some cases,they can be very painful.
Drooling may noticeable in children before cold sores.
They can heal without any medication but that can be time taken and painful.
Mostly appears on mouth, face and hands.
In severe conditions, eyes can also affect or people with severe diseases are prone to HSV. 
HSV is difficult to remove from the body but in many cases it is not removeable.
Sore throat.
Swollen glands.
They can disappear after two weeks.
Causes Of Cold Sores
Can easily transfer to other people through touching.
If patient touch his or her blisters, infection can spread to other parts also. 
Mostly noticeable in fever.
HSV-1 and HSV-2 both can be responsible for cold sores.
If patient share his or her eating utensils or razers with others, it can be a cause.
In many cases, doctor do not suggest any test because they are easily recognizable.
If the blisters on patient's mouth have been removed, they can reappear after sometime because the virus usually does not remove.
Cold sores-16 is a product that can remove blisters and can give relief to patients.
Why cold sores-16 ?
Because it prevents from side effects.
It has included natural extracts.
No addition of chemicals.
When these supplements can give relief ?
Within two days, patient will notice relief from pain and blisters.
How to take them ?
Daily intake of two tablets are recommended. 
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