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Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases herbal supplements

WHAT IS ACNE?   Reddish pus filled pimples on skin which can cause pain is known as acne. When oil producing sebaceous glands produce exessive oil, skin becomes oily and a blockage occur inside the skin due to which acne appears on skin.   Symptoms Of Acne   Face, shoulders, neck, chest and back are usually affected due to acne. May stay for a long time.  May seem as an infection. They can leave scars on skin. These lesions can be large and deep. They can be white headed or black headed. Around 80% of population affected due to acne vulgaris.     Consequences   People get depressed due to bumps on their face. Females want to hide lesions because they think that acne give them ..
Arthri Nill-41
WHAT IS ARTHRITIS ?   It is the name of hundred different diseases beacuse it cannot describe as a one disease only, symptoms and affects are differnt in every condition of arthritis. The main type of this disease is disorder of joints or trauma to joints which causes joints pain. Ratio of arthritis patients are getting increase day by day in America. Name of disease derived from greek language.   Symptoms Of Arthritis    Wear and tear of joint on daily basis.  Muscle strains   Pain is common in all types of arthritis. Joint stiffness. Patient can notice weight loss. Patient will feel difficulty while moving joint. Inability to walk Sleep can be affected.   Muscle aches.   Fle..
Athlete's Foot-7
WHAT IS ATHLETE'S FOOT ?   A skin disease in which foot becomes itchy and painfull, often known as fungal infection but medically it is called athlete's foot. Tinea pedum, moccasin foot and ring worm of the foot are medical names of athlete's foot. Epidermophyton floccosum is a fungi which causes athlete's foot.    Consequences    Patient feel pain while walking or exerting pressure on feet. Keeping feet wet causes pain. Fungus can spread.   Symptoms Of Athlete,s Foot   Fungus will appear between the fingers, palms and heels. Red skin. Itchy skin. Burning skin. Stinging pain. Blisters may appear. Scaling and flaking. Agonizing irritation.   In vesiculobul..
Cellulite Nill-92
WHAT IS CELLULITE ?   Our body needs proper disposal of toxic waste which contains water and fat, when body fails to do so, size of the fat cells become large and in result body gives lumpy look and often known as cellulite. Mostly people consider it a sign of getting fat and that's why women feel embarrassment when lumps become noticeable.   Consequences    Women want to look slim and smart but when the lumps appear which is often taken as a sign of getting fat, so women have to hide their lumps. Women wear full clothes, so that their lumps cannot come into notice. To start a relationship, females with cellulite may bear difficulties or may have to hide lumps. When females have to go to the beach, they cannot wear bikini ..
Cold Sores-16
WHAT IS COLD SORES ?   Cold sores are small blisters which are clearly noticeable around the mouth or lips. These blisters often have a liquid and they can be painful. Their healing time can be upto two weeks. Mostly people call them fever blisters but its other name is "Herpes simplex" because it occurs due to herpex simplex virus.    Consequences Of Cold Sores   Patients may feel embarrassment due to blisters around the mouth. Can give pain while opening the mouth.   Symptoms Of Clod Sores   It can be visible to any body including children.  In some cases,they can be very painful. Drooling may noticeable in children before cold sores. They can heal without any medication but that can b..
Cracked Heels-17
WHAT IS CRACKED HEELS ? Cracked heels is cosmetic problem or can be a nuisance and often known as heel fissures. Hard, flaky and dry skin of bottom heels and of outer edge leads to cracked heels. They can be on surface only but sometimes cracks goes very deep and causes pain.    Consequences of cracked heels   It can be a cause of embarrassment for victims because cracked heels does not give fine look. When affected person sits, these cracks become clearly noticeable. Standing situation can be difficult for affected person because cracks can be painful.  Mostly people wear shoes to hide his or her heel fissures.   Symptoms of cracked heels   Red patches. Flaky patches. Peeling. Itchy skin. Abno..
Eczema Gone-27
WHAT IS ECZEMA  In eczema, fluid containing blisters appears on body, they are mostly visible on face, back part of knees, elbows, and hands. Eczema is derivation of greek word and often known as boil on skin. They give ugly look and they are not very easy to remove.   Consequences of eczema   It is embarrassing. Children may lose their confidence because it is not very easy to remove and affects the beauty. Females also feel ugly when eczema occur on their skin.   Symptoms of eczema. Red and itchy skin.  Small blisters. Fluid in blisters. Symptoms can vary according to the type of eczema. Swelling.Oozing and scarring of skin lesions. Affected area will be different from other areas according to the typ..
Fissures Nill-45
What is an fissure ?  Fissures can be termed as cuts or tears that appear on mouth due to dryness and cold wind in cold weather but there is an anal fissure also present which is also a cut near anal due to extreme dryness or constipation. Consequences of fissures  Can be painful. Irritating. Appearance of fissures near mouth affect beauty. Can cause embarrassment. May take time to heal. Symptoms of fissures Cut or tear near mouth. Tear in the anal canal. Visible crack in skin. Severe pain during bowel movements. After bowel movement, pain may last for several hours. Itching around anus. Bright red color on the stool. Small lump near anal fissure. Causes of fissures  Passing hard stool. Constipati..
 What is Headache ? Pain in any part of head is known as headache, its other name is cephalalgia and it can also occur in neck.  Brain tissues lacks pain receptors that's why they are not very sensitive to pain. Head and neck have nine areas that contain pain sensitive structures, their names are cranium, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, mucous membranes, ears, eyes, and subcuteaneous tissues.   Symptoms of Headache   Patient can feel pain in any part of head. Pain can pass to neck and shoulders also. Some patients complain that their eyes also give tired and painful feeling when headache starts.Due to severe pain, patient may feel difficulty while sleeping.  It is a non-specific symptom. Due to headache, patient may ..
Hemorrhoids Gone-17
 WHAT ARE FISSURES/ Hemorrhoids / Piles There are three small structures which seems like cushions present in anus that are helpful to remain continent. These cushions contain skin and blood vessels, when these blood vessels turns into congested vessels they cause swelling of cushions and can hang out of anus. Swollen cushions in the lower rectum are known as hemorrhoids. If swollen cushions remain within anal canal then such hemorrhoids are called first degree hemorrhoids. When patient open his or her bowel, some swollen cushions come out and then return after the passing of stool. These are second degree hemorrhoids.  When cushions do not return into anal canal and remain outside, They are known as Third degree hemorrhoids.    Symptoms of&nb..
What is Insomnia?   Insomnia is a medical condition in which sleep of a person affects, patient may feel difficulty at the time of sleeping or may he or she can sleep only for short time period. There are number of myths about insomnia because people usually don’t know anything about their reduced sleeping hours.   Consequences of insomnia   When patient cannot fulfill his or her sleep, routine of working hours can also get disturb.         It can cause other diseases because a complete sleep is very much important for everyone. Headache can occur due to insomnia. Irritating mood.   As it can affect children also, children usually need more sleeping hours than adults and when they lack their sleeping rou..
Jock itch Nil-23
 WHAT IS JOCK ITCH ? Jock itch is a name of skin disease that is mostly noticeable on groin areas. Surrounding of groin aeas can also affect, Its shape is similiar to ring worms but it affects only upper thighs and groin area. It occurs due to trichophyton rubrum fungi and attacks mostly in summers. Its medical name is "Tinea". Due to itchiness, round spots of red color become noticeable.    Consequences of jock itch    Sometimes people have to scratch the groin area in public places that causes embarrassment but itchy sensation force to scratch the area. Excessive scratching lead to more itchy sensation.   Symptoms of jock itch    Uncontrollable desire to rub or scratch the affected area.  Mos..
Moles Gone-70
What Are Moles? A mole is a growth on skin that is usually of brown or black color, they appear due to cluster of melanocytes in skin. When melanocytes do not spread in the skin and make clusters, as a result mole appears. Some people have hair in moles and some moles are without hair. Male, female and children all can get mole. Sometimes moles are noticeable in group form and sometimes they seem to be alone on any part of skin.   Consequences of moles Some people do not like moles on their skin and they want to hide them. If moles appears in group form and with large size, then they give ugly look.   Symptoms of moles Growth on skin. Usually appears in brown color but can noticeable in other colors also. Tan, red, blue, pink..
Molluscum Nill-5
WHAT IS MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM ? These are small fluid filled bumps on skin that causes no pain and often known as water marks. This disease is common in children but adults can also be affected. These marks can contain any area of skin and they are contagious in nature and occur due to poxvirus. Their size can be vary but  their shape will always be round Consequences of molluscum contagiosum Patients feel ugly. Appearance of these water marks on face cause embarrassment. They are usually painless but scratching them can cause bacterial infection.    Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum  Blisters Round bumps usually have dimples in the centre. Their size can be similar to pencil eraser Painless. They are mostly visibile on ..
Nail Fungus Nill-83
WHAT IS NAIL FUNGUS? It is a fungal infection that is medically called onychomycosis and often known as ''Tinea Unguium". Fungus usually have large impact on toenails but other fingers can alst affects due to nail fungus. Open sandals may not give nice look because of discolored or ugly nail. It can often cause embarrassment, that's why people having nail fungus usually wear shoes.    Symptoms of nailo affect. Sometimes there is little white or yellow spot noticeable under the tip of nail that causes disorder in nail. Due to this fungus, nails become discolored or give ugly look.   Consequences of nail fungus   Look of fee fungus Discolored nail. Yellow or white spot under the tip. Thickened nails. Ragged or crumbly..
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