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Shingles Nill-26

Shingles Nill-26

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What is Shingles ?
A viral infection that can occur anywhere on body and often causes painful rash is known as shingles. A virus that causes chicken pox is the same virus that causes shingles. They are often known as herpes zoster. In shingles, stripe of blisters occur around left or right torso. 
Consequences of shingles
Affects beauty.
Cause embarrassment.
Shingles can affect the mood of patient because they are itchy.
Symptoms of shingles 
Red patches.
Breakable blisters.
Fluid filled blisters.
Rashes occur mostly on face and ears.
Muscle weakness.
Common in older adults.
Numbing and burning pain.
Sensitivity to light is common symptom.
Usually affects buttocks, arms, face and legs.
Duration of pain depends on the condition of shingles.
Causes of shingles
Weak immune system.
Caused by varicella-zoster virus.
Actually when patient have chicken pox, virus does not emit, instead it stays in patient’s body and can be reactive anytime and causes shingles. 
Not catchable but still some rare chances are present of spreading shingles to people who have not got chickenpox vaccine. 
People of age 60 or above affect more.
People who ever had or having radiation treatment or chemotherapy are at high risk of shingles.
Some medications can be a reason.
Shingles nill-26 are herbal supplements that can give relief to patients from shingles.
Why shingles nill-26?
Shingles nill-26 prevents from side effects.
No chemicals.
Pure and natural.
How to take the supplements?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
When will they give relief?
Patients can get relief within one week. 
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