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Psoriasis Nill-90

Psoriasis Nill-90

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It is a non-contagious auto immune skin disease which can affect the joints and the skin also. These are itchy patches and often called psoriatic plaques. Some people relate it with eczema but it is different from eczema. These patches makes the skin inflammed and amount of skin production becomes excessive on the affected area. 
Symptoms of psoriasis 
Red areas.
Flaky skin.
Dry and inflammed skin.
Skin on affected area can turn into silver or white color. 
Patient may feel a slight pain.
Patches mostly appear around elbows and knees but scalp and other genital areas can also affect.
Condition of psoriasis can vary from patient to patient
Plaque Psoriasis
It is known as general type of skin disease and eighty five percent cases of psoriasis occur due to plaque psoriasis. In this type, skin mostly cover the inflamed regions with white flaky color.
o Flexural psoriasis
Mostly attacks on the bends of the skin.
Contains a smooth patch.
Inflammed skin gets irritated by friction.
o Guttate psoriasis
Small round patches.
Mostly visible on hands, legs, arms and scalp.
o Pustular psoriasis 
Pus filled blisters.
Can spread on wide areas.
o Nail psoriasis
Can occur on finger nails and toe nails.
Thickened skin.
Loosing of nails.
Nail crumbling.
o Erythrodermic psoriasis
Contains broad area of inflammation.
Swellling and pain.
Dryness and redness.
Causes of psoriasis 
Having family history.
Stress that may difficult to control.
High blood pressure.
Viral and bacterial infection.
Change in weather can be a reason.
Anti malaria drugs can be a reason.
Excessive intake of alcohol.
Weak immune system.
Sun burn and sometimes too little sunlight can be a reason.
Bites or cuts.
Any burn on skin.
Research shows that people with fair complexions affects more than darker complexions.
Psoriasis Nill-90 are herbal supplements that can give relief to patients.
Why psoriasis nill-90?
Because it is free from chemicals and side effects.
Contains natural extracts.
How to take them?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
In how many days, supplements provide relief?
Supplements can give relief within short time. 
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