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Molluscum Nill-5

Molluscum Nill-5

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These are small fluid filled bumps on skin that causes no pain and often known as water marks. This disease is common in children but adults can also be affected. These marks can contain any area of skin and they are contagious in nature and occur due to poxvirus. Their size can be vary but  their shape will always be round Consequences of molluscum contagiosum Patients feel ugly.
Appearance of these water marks on face cause embarrassment.
They are usually painless but scratching them can cause bacterial infection. 
Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum 
Blisters Round bumps usually have dimples in the centre.
Their size can be similar to pencil eraser Painless.
They are mostly visibile on eyelids, face or genital area.
If our body fights with virus, bumps can turn into red color.
They are usually flesh-colored.
In rare cases, they can be irritating.
The viral infection is usually limited to epidermis only.
During autoinoculation, virus can spread to other body parts.
If molluscum appears lonely, it can be diappear in few days unlike clusters.
Causes of Molluscum Contagiosum
Spread through sharing towels, clothes or other personal things. 
Physical contact with affected person.
Scratching the lesions are harmful.
These blisters come into notice in hot climate.
Children affect more because they can get it from affected child while playing because children usually interact more.
It is also considered as a sign of HIV infection in the body but this reason has rare chances. 
Weakened immune system.
Occurs due to mollascum contagiosum virus ( MCV ), MCV have four types MCV-1 ,2, 3 and MCV-4. 
Molluscum Nill-5 are herbal supplements which can give relief to patients. 
Why Molluscum Nill-5 Supplements?
Because it is free from chemical addition and purely based on natural herbs.
When they will provide relief?
Patients can get relief from water marks within one week.
How to take them?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
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