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Jock itch Nil-23

Jock itch Nil-23

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Jock itch is a name of skin disease that is mostly noticeable on groin areas. Surrounding of groin aeas can also affect, Its shape is similiar to ring worms but it affects only upper thighs and groin area. It occurs due to trichophyton rubrum fungi and attacks mostly in summers. Its medical name is "Tinea". Due to itchiness, round spots of red color become noticeable. 
Consequences of jock itch 
Sometimes people have to scratch the groin area in public places that causes embarrassment but itchy sensation force to scratch the area.
Excessive scratching lead to more itchy sensation.
Symptoms of jock itch 
Uncontrollable desire to rub or scratch the affected area. 
Mostly affects men but females and children can also get the disease.
Appearance of red and round patches.
Itching is annoying symptom of jock itch.
Burning sensation.
Flaking of skin.
Pain and dry skin.
Rashes and blisters.
Causes of jock itch 
Dermophytes or fungi are main reason of jock itch.
Prevail in warm and moist areas. 
Fungi spreads mostly in summers.
Appear mostly on sweaty area.
Can transmitted through physical contact. 
They appear in areas where excess air cannot pass.
Sports person can affect easily.
Sharing personal towels and clothes can participate in jock itch.
Playing with affected pet animals can also be a cause.
Using public toilets is another reason of jock itch.
Wearing extra tight clothes block air to pass through some areas, it leads towards jock itch.
If patients try jock itch nill-23 supplements, they can get relief.
Why jock itch nill-23?
It prevents from side effects.
Contains natural ingredients.
No chemical additions.
How to take the tablets?
Daily two tablets can be taken
When they will provide relief?
Within a week, patient will find no jock itch. 
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