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What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a medical condition in which sleep of a person affects, patient may feel difficulty at the time of sleeping or may he or she can sleep only for short time period. There are number of myths about insomnia because people usually don’t know anything about their reduced sleeping hours.
Consequences of insomnia
When patient cannot fulfill his or her sleep, routine of working hours can also get disturb.        
It can cause other diseases because a complete sleep is very much important for everyone.
Headache can occur due to insomnia.
Irritating mood.
As it can affect children also, children usually need more sleeping hours than adults and when they lack their sleeping routine, they become grumpy.Patient may find difficulty while interacting with others because it affects badly the interacting ability.
Symptoms of insomnia
Reduced sleeping routine.
Staying asleep.
Sleeping disorder, which means patient may have poor sleeping hours for some nights and normal hours only for one night and then may lack in sleeping hours.
Fatigue in day time.
Lack of concentration.
Reduced motivation level.
Increased errors.
Patient may worry about his or her sleep.
Some patients have to bear interference of insomnia in their personal relationships and also in job performance.
Many patients complain that after hours in sleeping, they feel that they did not complete their sleep.
Laziness in day routine.
Prolonged sleep latency ( having trouble falling asleep ).
Patient may have to lying awake at night.
Causes of insomnia
Increased working routine.
Some patients spend their nights at clubs and when they go to bed for sleep, they may find difficulties because they just miss the sleeping hours, that’s why sleep affects. 
Normal sleeping hours are 10pm to 6am and people who miss this routine may have to bear insomnia.
Side effects of traffic accidents often cause sleep deprivation.
Insomnia patients may feel that they slept for less hours than actual because their sleep cannot properly register in their brains.
Anxiety can participate in insomnia.
Uncomfortable temperature in bedroom.
Too many lights on during sleep.
Hormonal changes.
Lack in production of estrogen and progesterone.
Disturbance in natural human biorhythm.
If patients try insomnia-77, they can get relief from insomnia.
Why insomnia-77 herbal supplements ?
Because it contains natural herbs that are good for such cause.
No side effects.
No addition of chemicals.
How to take them?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
When they will provide relief to patients?
These herbal supplements can give relief to patients within two weeks.
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