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Granuloma Annulare

Granuloma Annulare

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What is grannuloma annulare ?
Over production of white blood cells in the skin clump together and form blisters on the skin which is called grannuloma annulare and over production of WBC is known as leukocytosis. Blisters considered as autoimmune reaction and have ring-like shape.
Consequences of grannuloma annulare 
Affects beauty.
Cause irritation.
May take time to vanish.
Symptoms of granuloma annulare 
Circular or semicircular shape of lesion borders.
Upto 2 inches diameter.
Contain large area of body.
Reddish bumps.
Localized grannuloma annulare 
Appear particularly in females.
Contain area of hands, ankles, wrists and feet.
Common type.
Upto five centimeters diameter.
Generalized grannuloma annulare 
Contain large portion.
Itchy blisters.
Often affects adults.
Subcutaneous grannuloma annulare 
Often occur in young children.
No rash.
Firm lump under the skin.
Diameter of lump is usually 1.5 inches.
Causes of grannuloma annulare
Sun exposure.
Tuberculin skin tests.
Insect bites.
May have association with diabetes.
Autoimmune disease.
Allergic reactions to tetanus vaccine.
Having or had a broken bone.
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