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General Diseases

herbal supplements for general diseases

WHAT IS UVEITIS ? Middle layer of eye between sclera and retina is knwon as uveal tract or uvea, it surrounds the iris and choroid of eye and also encircles ciliary body. Uvea has responsibility to supply blood to deep layer of retina. When swelling or inflammation occur on uvea, this situation is known as uveitis.    Consequences of uveitis  Patient may feel blurred vision. Inflammation may disturb while sleeping. In severe cases, patient may have to bear loss of eye.   Symptoms of uveitis Eye redness. Eye pain. Floating dark spots in floaters. Light sensitivity. Decreased vision. small white area in eye. Front of eye affects due to Anterior uveitis or iritis.  Back of eye influence because of Post..
Vocal Cord Nodules
 What is Vocal Cord Nodules ? When a mass of tissue is noticeable on vocal cord, it is called vocal cord nodule. Other name of vocal cord is vocal fold. These mass of tissues grow abnormally and they are noncancerous.   Symptoms of vocal cord nodules Calluses of vocal fold are known as vocal cord nodules. They occur on both sides of vocal cords. They can be diminished if people stop overuse of that area. They are known as vocal cord nodules  Vocal cord polyp    It appears on one side and has variety in shapes and sizes. Voice disturbance can cause due to vocal cord polyp. Vocal cord cyst  When membrane contains firm mass of tisue, it is called vocal cord cyst. Location of cyst is near the vocal cords or can prevail deep i..
Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia
Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia  ..
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