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General Diseases

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What is inclusion body myositis ? An inflammatory muscle disease in which weakness occur in distal and proximal muscles is known as inclusion body myositis. Muscles of arms and legs usually have more affects of inclusion body myositis. Autoimmune and and degenerative occur in muscle cells, these two processes appears in parallel way. It is known as sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM), It is related to age mostly. Severe weakness can lead to disability of arm or leg. Herdeditary inclusion body myopathies (HIBM ) occurs due to genetic disorders, this type is uncommon and rarely affect the patients.   Consequences of inclusion body myositis  Standing and walking for long time may become difficult. Bending the arms or legs can cause pain. Discomfort. ..
What is Insomnia?   Insomnia is a medical condition in which sleep of a person affects, patient may feel difficulty at the time of sleeping or may he or she can sleep only for short time period. There are number of myths about insomnia because people usually don’t know anything about their reduced sleeping hours.   Consequences of insomnia   When patient cannot fulfill his or her sleep, routine of working hours can also get disturb.         It can cause other diseases because a complete sleep is very much important for everyone. Headache can occur due to insomnia. Irritating mood.   As it can affect children also, children usually need more sleeping hours than adults and when they lack their sleeping rou..
What Are Keloids? Keloids are abnormal scar tissue that are noticeable on skin wound. Their growth is usually small but they can be easily seen. They have claw like irregular borders and they are benign. Keloids occur due to trauma, surgery and other skin conditions.    Consequences of keloid Skin looks ugly. Depression. Disturbed life. Low self esteem. Patient may not look good in any clothes.   Symptoms of keloid  Appear in areas of previous trauma. Can extend beyond the injured area.  They usually grow when the original wound has closed. Shiny and smooth skin elevations. They are doughy and firm to the touch. Patient can feel tender or uncomfortable. Itchiness. Can be unsightly. Large..
Keratosis Pilaris
What is keratosis pilaris ? Keratosis pilaris is a condition in which red acne-like bumps contain the area of skin. Specification of these bumps is they do not hurt and do not give itchy feeling but they can be frustrating. Circumstances of keratosis pilaris  Red skin. Irritation due to bumps. Affects beauty. Discomfort. Symptoms of keratosis pilaris  Dry skin. Rough skin. White or red bumps. Worsening in winter. Can appear anywhere. Bumps surrounded by light pink color. In rare cases, bumps can be itchy. Symptoms can worsen in pregnancy. Child birth can also trigger the condition. Causes of keratosis pilaris  Results from buildup of keratin. Blockage of hair follicles. Atopic dermatisis. ..
Lichen Planus
What is lichen planus ? It is an inflammatory condition in which purplish bumps are noticeable on skin or mucous membranes. Sores are painful in lichen planus and the situation arises due to attack of immune system on skin cells and mucous membranes. Attack of immune system happens mistakenly and in the result skin affects. Circumstances of lichen planus Affects beauty. Irritation. Itchy sensation. Can cause embarrassment. Depression. Low self esteem. Symptoms of lichen planus  Painful vaginal ulcers. Hair loss. Scalp discoloration. Nail damage. Loss of nails. Breakable blisters. Itching. Flat-topped bumps. Allergic reaction. Thick patches of rough skin. Redness and swelling. Painful sores . Pee..
What is Lipoma ? It is a slow growing lump that is composed of adipose tissue and it can be soft to touch. A finger pressure is sufficient to move it under the skin layer. They are common in middle age but can be noticeable in any age and cause no harm. Nature of lipoma is benign and it is a form of soft tissue tumor.   Consequences of lipoma  A person having lipoma can feel irritation due to the existence of lipoma . Large lipomas are easily noticeable on skin and they do not give fine look. It can bother a patient. Sometimes painful.   Symptoms of lipoma  Locate just under the skin. Shoulders, abdomen, neck, arms and thighs are common areas on which lipoma can appear. Soft and doughy to the touch. Usually their di..
Melasma  ..
Motor Neuron
WHAT IS MOTOR NEURON DISEASE ? A disease in which patient cannot move his or her muscles voluntarily because of dead nerve cells is known as motor neuron disease. Neurological disorders affect motor neurons and as a result nerve cells fail to perform their work. In United States amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is the term which is used for motor neuron disease. Many people call it Lou Gehrig's disease because of the name of famous baseball player who suffered this disease.    Consequences of motor neuron disease  Patient fails to move muscles. Depression. Loss of career oppertunities. Patient may live aimless life. Difficulty while performing any work. Swallowing problems.   Symptoms of motor neuron disease Difficulty whi..
Myasthenia Gravis
What is myasthenia gravis ? It is a neuormuscular disease in which patient feel weakness in muscles which can restrict patient to participate in physical activities because patient have to suffer massive muscle fatigue during physical activity.    Consequences of myathenia gravis Patient may hesitate while participating in sports. Disturbed life. Depression. Limited activities. Uncomfortable or irritating routine.   Symptoms of myasthenia gravis  Weakness of arms and legs. Double vision. Drooping eyelids. Chewing and swallowing difficulties. Difficulty in breathing. Common in men older than 60. Common in females younger than 40. Altered speaking. Limited facial expressions. Difficulty in ..
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What is pemphigus ? A skin disorder in which blisters appear on skin and they can appear on mucous membrane also, this disorder is called pemphigus. When dismogleins attacked by anitibodies, epidermis loses its glue and causes blisters on skin.  Middle age and older people have more affects of pemphigus.    Consequences of pemphigus  Ugly skin. Embarrassment. Disturbed and uncomfortable life. Affects beauty. Pain. Symptoms of pemphigus  Blisters. Blisters can ooze and can be infected. When blisters appear in mouth, it is called pemphigus vulgaris. These blisters can be painful but they do not give itchy sensation. Pemphigus Foliaceus have common affects on mucous membranes. Pemphigus foliaceus blister are n..
Peripheral Neuropathy
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Polycystic Kidney
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