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General Diseases

herbal supplements for general diseases

Eye Bag,s
What is Eye Bags ? When skin under eyes gives a puffy look that may seem like swelling is known as eye bags. Our skin under eyes is very sensitive and eye bags affect the eye beauty. Their stay can be for short time period but sometimes they stay for not going, in that case people worry about their eye bags.   Symptoms of eye bags Puffy skin under eyes. Swelling under eyes. Eye bags can be symptom of allergies. Discomfort. Blurred vision. Redness around eyes. Burning sensation. Itching. Patient can feel foreign particle in eye.  Fever. Neck swelling. Nausea or vomiting. Chills. Difficulty while breathing.   Causes of eye bags  Fluid retention. hormonal change. Stress. Allergie..
What is flatulence ? Fermentation of undigested food causes intestinal gas and the other way of producing gas is when some food particles cannot break down properly through digestive system. Sugar and gluten are components of food that are slightly difficult for breaking down.  Consequences of flatulence  May pass gas more than 20 times in a day. Passing more gas may be embarrassing. Uncomfortable routine. Problem during digestion of food. Symptoms of flatulence  Bloating. Abdominal distention and pain. Discomfort. Excessive flatus volume. Excessive flatus smell. Incontinence of flatus. Loss of voluntary control over passing gas. Diarrhea. Changes in the color of stool. Changes in frequency of stool. ..
What is folliculitis It is an inflammation of hair follicles due to fungal and bacterial infection. They are itchy and sore and it is also known as hot tub rash. Palms, hands and soles of the feet never victim of folliculitis but other body parts can be affected.   Consequences of folliculitis Cause embarrassment. Itchy. Affects beauty. Affects confidence level.   Symptoms of folliculitis  Red bumps. Pus filled blisters. Tenderness and pain. Large swollen mass. Clusters of white headed pimples. Itchy skin. Burning skin. Common areas that can be affect easily are back, arms and legs. Mild fever. Upset stomach. Can go away in 7 to 10 days . May drain pus or blood.   Causes of fo..
What is Ganglion ? Swelling which consists of thick material is called ganglion. Fluid inside ganglion lubricates the joint because it contains attachment with joint and usually it is a nerve cell clusters and often known as ganglia.   Symptoms of ganglion  Smooth and round. Size can reach from pea size to plum size. Large ganglions are unsightly. Can be painful. Can lie next to nerve. Non-spreadable. Can diappear on its own. Usually occur on dorsum or wrist. Fluid in ganglion pumped due to constant motion of hands or wrists. Their size can go from up to down. Ganglia can carry neurons of cranial nerves. Pain can be nonstop.   Causes of ganglion  Mostly affects women.  Past inju..
Gastroparesis herbal supplements ..
Granuloma Annulare
What is grannuloma annulare ? Over production of white blood cells in the skin clump together and form blisters on the skin which is called grannuloma annulare and over production of WBC is known as leukocytosis. Blisters considered as autoimmune reaction and have ring-like shape. Consequences of grannuloma annulare  Affects beauty. Cause irritation. Itchiness. May take time to vanish. Symptoms of granuloma annulare  Circular or semicircular shape of lesion borders. Upto 2 inches diameter. Contain large area of body. Reddish bumps. Localized grannuloma annulare  Appear particularly in females. Contain area of hands, ankles, wrists and feet. Common type. Upto five centimeter..
Graves Disease
What is graves' disease ? As a result of hyperthyroidism, occurance of immune system disorder comes into notice which is called graves' disease. It can affect overall well-being and common in women. Heart rate, sleeping conditions and muscle conditions have affects of grave's disease. Consequences of graves' disease  Weight loss. Bulging eyes. Uncomfortable routine. Irritation. Behavioral changes. Personality changes. Depression. Puffy eyelids. Gritty sensation in eyes. Symptoms of grave's disease  Fast heart rate. Poor tolerance level of heat. Sleeping problems. Muscle weakness. Eye problems. Diarrhea. Weight loss. Irritability. Enlarged thyroid. Anxiety. Frequent bowel movements. ..
Grovers disease
What is grover's disease ? It is a disease which has sudden occurance on body in form of red dots or spots which occupy the area of back and chest. Usually initial symptoms do not appear in grover's disease. Heat stress and excess sweating can be caused by grover's disease. A term transient acantholytic dermatosis can be used for grover's disease. Consequences of grover's disease  Common in men. Cause embarrassment. Irritation. Excess sweating. Symptoms of grover's disease Heat stress. Intense sweating. Rashes all over the body. Minor bleeding. Burning sensation. Crusting spots. Reddish bumpy spots on skin. Itchiness. Starts suddenly. Rare in younger people and women. Usually attacks in winter season. Cause..
Guillain Barre Syndrome
What is guillain-barre syndrome ? Guillain barre syndrome is a condition in which immune system attacks the nerves and in response body can be paralyzed or certain other circumstances may come into notice. Changes in sensation, muscle weakness, pain and many other conditions can be caused by guillain-barre syndrome which is triggered by an infection.  Consequences of guillain-barre syndrome  Fatigue. Numbness. Patient can be mentally absent. Uncomfortable routine. Limited activities. Unsteady walking. Symptoms of guillain-barre syndrome  Muscle weakness. Changes in sensation.  Pain. Abnormal heart rate. Abnormal blood pressure. Numbness. Tingling. Swallowing difficulties. Weakness of eye muscles...
Hand Tremors
What is essential tremor ? Benign tremor, familial tremor and shaky hand syndrome are names that are often used by many people. ET is basically a movement disorder due to unknwon cause. Disturbed movements of hands, arms and legs occur in essential tremor. Unvoluntary movement of head can also occur but it is very rare. Consequences of essential tremor  Affects personality. Causes embarrassment. Depression. Disturbed life. Limited activities. Loss of career oppertunities. Cannot perform personal tasks. Low self esteem. Affects behaviour of patient. Symptoms of essential tremor  Hand shaking. Arms and legs shaking. Difficulty while eating. Difficulty in threading a needle. Impossible to use a ruler. Difficu..
Hernias  ..
Hidradenitis Suppurativa
What is hidradenitis suppurativa ?  A chronic skin disease in which clusters or boil-like infections appear on body and mainly affect the apocrine sweat gland related areas. Hidradenitis is a non-contagious disease and common in early 20's. Consequences  Pain. Discomfort. Affects beauty. Irritation. Symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa  Clusters. Boil-like infection. Painful outbreaks. Sudden drainage of pus. Often form open wounds that are difficult to heal. Significant scarring. Red and tender bumps. Pea-sized lumps. Bleakheads. Recurs often. Causes of hidradenitis suppurativa  Excess weight. Hormonal changes. Blocked hair follicles. Inflamed hair follicles. Genetics. Ci..
What is Hydrocele ? It is a disease in which fluid filled sac surrounds the testicle and in a result swelling occurs in the scrotum. Newborns are more victim of this disease but men and adult can also be affected due to any injury in the scrotum. Usually it is not harmful and may not cause pain.    Symptoms of hydrocele  Painless swelling on one or both testicles. Discomfort. Heaviness of swollen scrotum. Swollen area can be small in morning and large in afternoon and later timings. Hydrocele can be disappears on its own. Scrotal pain. Blocked blood flow in twisted testicle. Primary hydroceles Soft and non-tender swelling. Large in size. Contains large amount of fluid. Cause inconvenience. Secondary hydrocele..
Hyperhidrosis  ..
What is ichthyosis ? Dead cells of skin make the surface scaly and crusty, these scales resemble to fish scales and name of disease is also taken from a greek word ichthys which means fish. This skin disorder can be inherited and occur during chihldhood or may present at birth. Ichthyosis is often called fish skin disease. Circumstances of ichthyosis  Ugly skin. Affects beauty. Irritation. Itchiness. Depression. Low self esteem. Loss of career opportunities. Aimless life. Loneliness. Symptoms of ichthyosis  Scaly skin. Dry skin. Flaky scalp. Deep cracks. Painful cracks. Scales colored dirty gray, white or brown. Ichtyhyosis vulgaris can be life threatening. Cases can be mild and severe both. Co..
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