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Cranial Nerve

Cranial Nerve

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What is cranial nerves disease ?
Cranial nerves have twelve pairs that mostly locate in the head and known as cranium or also called skull. Cranial nerves come from brain or brainstem, face and eyes can affect through these nerves. Facial movement, actions of certain organs in the head, abdomen and chest are controlled by cranial nerves. Vision performs its work after taking permission of cranial nerves. Disease of these nerves occurs when one of them or all nerves become damaged. 
Symptoms of cranial nerves disease.
Blurred vision or sight problem.
sense of smell can affect.
Facial tics.
Swallowing can affect due to damage of these nerves.
Sense of taste may affect.
Functions of abdominal organs can disturb.
Trigeminal neuralgia can caused by cranial nerves disease.
Damaged nerve may not give permission to patient to wink or smile.
Patients can feel difficulty in tracking of moving objects.
Injury of first nerve or olfactory disturbs the sense of smell.
Blindness can occur due to damage of second nerve,it is also called optic.
When third cranial nerve or oculomotor is affected, drooping of eyelid can occur.
Double vision and dilation of pupil are also symptoms of cranial nerves disease.
Rotation of eyeball occur because of fourth nerve or Throclear.
Damage in other eight nerves have also different symptoms.
Causes of cranial nerves disease.
Breakdown of myelin sheath.
Metabolic disorder or Amyloidosis.
Vitamin deficiencies or Anemia.
Few antibiotics can be a reason.
Autoimmune disorders.
Viral and bacterial infections.
B6 toxicity.
Zohp herbal supplements for cranial nerves disease can help petients.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
They give relief to patients without any side effects.
There is no chemical in zohp herbal supplements.
Purely natural.
How to take them?
Two supplements can be taken on daily basis.
When will they give relief?
Patients can get relief within one month.
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