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What is blepharitis 
When oil glands near eyelashes disturbed or clogged,inflammation on one or both eyeslids occur in the result of clogged oil glands which is known as blepharitis. 
Consequences of blepharitis 
Eyes beauty affects.
Gives uncomfortable feeling.
Most of the time, water filled in the eyes.
Burning sensation.
Blurred vision.
Poor tear film.
Symptoms of blepharitis 
Red eyes.
Watery eyes.
Swollen or red eyelids.
Eyelid itching.
Eyelid sticking.
Greasy appearance of eyelids.
Eyelash loss.
Infection of eyelash follicle.
Abnormal growth of eyelashes.
Frequent blinking.
Burning sensation in eye.
Foreign-body sensation.
Flaking of skin around eyes.
Crusted eyelashes.
Ring -like formation around the lash shaft.
Causes of blepharitis
Dandruff on scalp and eyebrows.
Bacterial infection.
Allergic reactions.
Eyelash mites or lice.
Hormone imbalance.
Herpes simplex dermatitis.
Staphylococcal dermatitis.
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief to patients.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
No side effects.
Natural and pure.
No chemicals.
How to take them?
Daily two tablets can be taken.
When will zohp herbal supplements provide relief?
They provide relief in short time period.
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