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Benign Essential Herbal Supplements

Benign Essential Herbal Supplements

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What is essential tremor ?
A neurological disorder in which patient's movement abilities affect a lot which means shivering of body parts and voice. Shaky hand syndrome is term that is often used for essental tremor. People take parkinson's disease and essential tremor same but there is difference between them.
Consequences of essential tremor 
Eating difficulties.
Problem while holding things.
Uncomfortable life.
Loss of confidence.
Voice shivering.
Difficulty while doing little tasks.
Confused behaviour.
Symptoms of essential tremor 
Hand shivering.
Parkinson's disease and essential tremor both can attack at the same time. 
Shaking head.
Cannot use ruler.
Cannot cut in a straight line.
Affects jaw and voice also.
Head tremor have more affects in women.
Begin gradually.
Cannot occur during sleep.
Worsen with movement.
Causes of essential tremor 
Genetic mutation.
Enviornmental factors.
Certain toxins.
Lithium salts.
Chemical changes in brain.
Impaired purkinje synapsis.
Low blood pressure.
Low sugar level.
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief to patients.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
Natural and herbal.
No side effects.
No chemicals.
How to take the supplements?
Two supplements can be taken on daily basis.
When will these supplements provide relief?
Zohp herbal supplements provide relief in short time period.
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