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A condition of lungs in which expansion of bronchi occur is known as bronchiectasis. Bronchi are airways leading to lungs. As a result of this expansion, patient often have chronic cough conditions including shortness of breath. 
Consequences of bronchiectasis.
Most frequently, cough disturbs the patient.
Patient do not feel comfortable.
Lung infections can attack easily to such patients.
Symptoms of bronchiectasis 
Shortness of breath.
Nail clubbing.
Chest pain.
Green or yellow mucus (sputum).
Production of sputum without coloration. 
Such patients can have bad breath.
On auscultation expiratory rhonchi and crepitations can also be heard.
Due to bronchiectasis, patient can acquire tuberculosis, immune system problem and pneumonia. 
Poor concentration level.
Patient can feel difficulty while doing exercise.
Blood can come out while coughing.
Causes of bronchiectasis 
Cause of bronchiectasis is not clear but there can be following reasons.
Reduced efficiency of enlarged bronchi to clear secretions. 
Breakdown of airways.
Aspiration of alcoholism, heroin, and other toxic gases participate in bronchiectasis. 
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in childhood.
Inflammatory bowel disease.
Inhaled fungal spores.
Hiatal hernia also participates in bronchiectasis.
Disorder of cilia motility can cause bronchiectasis.
Cystic fibrosis is a common cause.
Young’s syndrome also contributes in this disease.
Several congenital disorders.
Deficiency of alpha 1-antitypsin. 
Zohp herbal supplements for bronchiectasis can give patients relief.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
They are free from side effects.
No chemical addition.
Included natural extracts.
How to take the supplements?
Two tablets can be taken on daily basis.
When will supplements give relief to patients?
Patient can get relief within one month.
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