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What is emphysema ?
Our lungs have air sacs which are called alveoli. They are tiny but when air continuously filled in these sacs, alveoli become enlarged and damaged and can be beak, scar tissue generated in their result and patient suffer breathing issues or shortness of breath because of reduced delivery of oxygen to blood stream.
Consequences of empysema
Shortness of breath.
Cannot run for long distance.
Feeling of tiredness.
Uncomfortable routine.
Limited activities.
Symptoms of emphysema 
Cannot climb stairs.
May not mentally alert.
Finger nails my turn blue.
Blue lips.
No symptoms for intial years.
Chronic cough.
Shortness of breath.
Chest tightness.
Barrel chest.
Anxiety disorder.
Yellow sputum.
Fast heart rate.
Bluish tinge to skin.
Causes of emphysema 
Air pollution.
Exposure to dust.
Exposure to chemicals.
Respiratory infections.
Cold temperature.
Second hand smoke.
Blood clots in the lungs.
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief to patients.
Why zohp herbal supplements?
Natural and herbal.
No chemicals.
No side effects.
How to take the supplements?
Two tablets can be taken on daily basis.
When will they provide relief?
Zohp herbal supplements can provide relief in short time period.
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