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General Diseases

herbal supplements for general diseases

Abdominal Adhesions
WHAT ARE ABDOMINAL ADHESIONS ? When abdominal cavity have tissues and organs that stick with each other, they are known as abdominal adhesions. These are fibrous bands that occur because of injury or surgery. People can have abdominal adhesions although they never had any surgery.    Consequences of abdominal adhesions  Female infertility. Obstruction of organs. Abdominal or pelvic pain.   Symptoms of abdominal adhesions  They may not cause any symptoms. Swelling of the abdomen. Pelvic pain. Inability to pass gas. Cpnstipation. Loud bowel sounds. Vomiting. Bloating. Swelling of abdomen. Diarrhea. Nausea.   Causes of abdominal adhesions  Cuts involving internal ..
WHAT IS ACHALASIA ? Esophagus is a tube that is responsible to deliver food from mouth to stomach. Any disorder in esophagus is known as achalasia, it leads to closed sphincter that cannot be open when needed.  Achalasia cardiae, esophageal aperistalsis and cardiospasm are other terms which are used for achalasia.   Consequences of achalasia  Discomfort in patient's life. Disturbed eating habits. Pain.   Symptoms of achalasia Backflow of food. Cough. Chest pain. Difficulty in swallowing solids or liquids. Heartburn. Weight loss. Aspiration.   Causes of achalasia  Reduced muscle activity of esophagus. Damaged esophagus nerves. Cancer of upper stomach. Chagas disease which occ..
What is actinic keratosis  A patch on skin that forms because of being outside in severe sunlight without any protection is called actinic keratosis, Because of its cause, actinic keratosis often called solar keratosis. Their growth process is slow and usually occurs in older adults.   Consequences of actinic keratosis  Affect s beauty. Causes embarrassment. Can lead to cancer. Thick and crusty skin.   Symptoms of actinic keratosis  White and scaly plaque. Variable thickness. Surrounds with redness. Sandpaper-like texture. Pigmentary alterations. Deep wrinkles. Coarse texture. Purpura. Ecchymoses. Dry skin. Scattered telangiectasias. Multiple actinic keratosis in single area. ..
Atrial Fibrillation
What is Atrial Fibrillation ? When two upper chambers of heart, beat disorderly and have no coordination with lower chambers, as a result heart rate become very fast. Situation can stay for short time and sometimes may have a longer stay.    Consequences of atrial fibrillation  Rapid heart rate. Any physical activity can lead to speed up the heart rate. Atrial fibrillation can lead to many other diseases. Uncomfortable routine.   Symptoms of atrial fibrillation Irregular heart rate. Palpitations. Exercise intolerance. Anginal chest pain. Shortness of breath. Swelling. Transient ischamic attack. Initially atrial fibrillation does not cause any symptom. Weight loss. Diarrhea. Lung disease. ..
Bells Palsy
WHAT IS BELL'S PALSY ? Paralysis of one side of face is known as bell's palsy and occurs due to weakness of muscles. Damage of facial nerve is responsible for bell's palsy. It does not relate with stroke.   Consequences of bell's palsy Patient may unable to close one eye. Impaired vision. Swelling in narrow bone canal. Nerve inhibition.   Symptoms of bell's palsy  One sided facial droop. Uncontrollable blinking. Patient may cannot raise eyebrow. Flaring nostrils, salivation, smiling and frowning can affect due to bell's palsy. Loss of taste sensation. Stapedial muscles of middle ear can affect due to damage of facial nerve. Sound sensitivity affects.  Myriad neurological symptoms. Severe headache..
Benign Essential Herbal Supplements
What is essential tremor ? A neurological disorder in which patient's movement abilities affect a lot which means shivering of body parts and voice. Shaky hand syndrome is term that is often used for essental tremor. People take parkinson's disease and essential tremor same but there is difference between them.   Consequences of essential tremor  Eating difficulties. Embarrassment. Problem while holding things. Uncomfortable life. Loss of confidence. Voice shivering. Difficulty while doing little tasks. Depression. Confused behaviour.   Symptoms of essential tremor  Hand shivering. Parkinson's disease and essential tremor both can attack at the same time.  Shaking head. Cannot use ruler..
What is blepharitis  When oil glands near eyelashes disturbed or clogged,inflammation on one or both eyeslids occur in the result of clogged oil glands which is known as blepharitis.    Consequences of blepharitis  Eyes beauty affects. Gives uncomfortable feeling. Most of the time, water filled in the eyes. Burning sensation. Blurred vision. Poor tear film.   Symptoms of blepharitis  Red eyes. Watery eyes. Swollen or red eyelids. Eyelid itching. Eyelid sticking. Greasy appearance of eyelids. Eyelash loss. Infection of eyelash follicle. Abnormal growth of eyelashes. Photophobia. Frequent blinking. Burning sensation in eye. Foreign-body sensation. Flaking of sk..
 WHAT IS BRONCHIECTASIS ? A condition of lungs in which expansion of bronchi occur is known as bronchiectasis. Bronchi are airways leading to lungs. As a result of this expansion, patient often have chronic cough conditions including shortness of breath.  Consequences of bronchiectasis. Most frequently, cough disturbs the patient. Patient do not feel comfortable. Lung infections can attack easily to such patients.   Symptoms of bronchiectasis  Cough. Shortness of breath. Nail clubbing. Wheezing. Chest pain. Green or yellow mucus (sputum). Production of sputum without coloration.  Such patients can have bad breath. On auscultation expiratory rhonchi and crepitations can also be heard. Due to bron..
Bullous Pemphigoid
What is bullous pemphigoid ? Abnormal immune response can cause thin layer of tissue attacked by immune system. Such immune response root fluid-filled blisters on skin and their appearance occurs mostly on areas that usually flex. People above 60 are prone to bullous pemphigoid. More appropriate name of bullous pemphigoid is bullae. Consequences of bullous pemphigoid  Affects beauty. Gives ugly look. Itchiness.   Symptoms of bullous pemphigoid  Large blisters. Cannot easily rupture through touching. Fluid inside blisters is usually clear. In rare cases, blisters may hold blood. Red color of surrounding area. Groin, arms, upper thighs and abdomen are prone areas to these blisters. Sores in mouth. Discomfort. C..
Burning Mouth Syndrome
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What is costochondritis A condition in which inflammation of costal cartilage occur is called costchondritis. Costal cartilage is a formation which has a responsibility to connect each rib to sternum and this connection occurs at costosternal joint. It is a cause of chest pain.  Consequences of costochondritis Severe pain. Swelling. Uncomfortable condition. Symptoms of costochondritis  Pain. Tenderness. Worsened pain with coughing. Difficulty in performing physical activities. Swelling. Pain by moving rib cage or arms. Affects the third, fourth and fifth costosternal joints. Gives aching or pressure like feeling. Affects left side of breast bone. Can be life-threatening. Causes of costochondritis  Inj..
Cranial Nerve
What is cranial nerves disease ? Cranial nerves have twelve pairs that mostly locate in the head and known as cranium or also called skull. Cranial nerves come from brain or brainstem, face and eyes can affect through these nerves. Facial movement, actions of certain organs in the head, abdomen and chest are controlled by cranial nerves. Vision performs its work after taking permission of cranial nerves. Disease of these nerves occurs when one of them or all nerves become damaged.    Symptoms of cranial nerves disease. Blurred vision or sight problem. sense of smell can affect. Facial tics. Spasms. Twitches. Swallowing can affect due to damage of these nerves. Sense of taste may affect. Functions of abdominal organs can disturb. ..
Delayed Ejaculation
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What is emphysema ? Our lungs have air sacs which are called alveoli. They are tiny but when air continuously filled in these sacs, alveoli become enlarged and damaged and can be beak, scar tissue generated in their result and patient suffer breathing issues or shortness of breath because of reduced delivery of oxygen to blood stream. Consequences of empysema Shortness of breath. Cannot run for long distance. Feeling of tiredness. Uncomfortable routine. Limited activities. Symptoms of emphysema  Cannot climb stairs. May not mentally alert. Finger nails my turn blue. Blue lips. Pain. No symptoms for intial years. Chronic cough. Shortness of breath. Chest tightness. Wheezing. Barrel chest. Anxiety disorde..
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